Public Works


The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of the Town’s infrastructure, some of which includes the following: sweeping improved roads, bituminous pavement repairs, cleaning catch basins, maintenance of the Town’s drainage system.

The Department continually installs new street and traffic control signs as well as the repair, replacement and cleaning of existing signs. Inspection of all new roads and driveways being constructed as well as work being performed in the Town’s right-of-way, i.e., Eversource crossings, cable t.v. crossings, etc. are done by the Public Works Department.

The Department grades the unimproved roads as necessary.

The Department is also responsible for the maintenance of seven local cemeteries and assisting the Park and Recreation Department in the maintenance of Sears Park. Public Works operates the Town’s transfer station approximately 52 days per year.

In-house services are provided to the Board of Education, which includes sweeping parking lots, cleaning catch basins, and clearing parking lots.

The Department’s primary objective in the winter months is snow clearing/removal work.  During storms, the Department also clears sidewalks covered by Ordinance and performs our own equipment maintenance.

The Public Works Office is located at One Public Works Drive (off State Route 66), just west of the intersection with State Route 16. The Facility is located 2.3 miles west of the "four corners" intersection (East and West High and North Main and Main); and just .7 mile east of the traffic light in the center of Cobalt.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Matt Walsh Director
Jennifer Carducci Administrative Assistant