Ethics Commission

Declaration of Policy & Purpose

The Town of East Hampton requires that its officials and employees be impartial, responsible to its residents, not have interests that would be incompatible with the proper discharge of their official responsibilities, and strive to avoid even the appearance of impropriety.

The purpose of the Town's Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct is to maintain and enhance a tradition of responsible and effective public service by setting forth standards of ethical conduct to guide its officials and employees in the conduct of their public responsibilities. An independent Ethics Commission to investigate and hear complaints under our Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct is a critical link between our established ethical standards, Town Officials and employees, and our residents' confidence in the integrity of Town governance.


The Town Council shall appoint an Ethics Commission consisting of five (5) regular members and two alternate members. No more than two of the regular members may be affiliated with any one political party or slate committee. Alternate members may not be affiliated with the same political party or slate committee. At all times, at least one regular member shall not be affiliated with any political party or slate committee. The members of the Commission shall serve four year terms.

For initial appointments by the Town Council, three regular members and one alternate shall be appointed for two-year terms, with the remaining regular members and alternate appointed for four-year terms. Thereafter, the Town Council shall appoint Commission members in the manner provided for in the Town Charter, subject to the terms of this Ordinance.


The Ethics Ordinance was adopted by the Town Council of the Town of East Hampton August 8, 2006.

Commission Members

Name Title
Allison Kane Member (2022)
Gabriel Stein Member (2020)
Mark Laraia Member (2022)
Vacancy One Member (2020)
Vacancy Two Member (2022)
Vacancy Three Alternate (2022)
Vacancy Four Alternate (2020)