Collector of Revenue


The Office of the Collector of Revenue is responsible for the annual billing and collection of real estate taxes, motor vehicle taxes, and personal property taxes; as well as the annual billing and collection of sewer use fees.

Mill Rate

The mill rate for the Grand List of 2018 is 33.14 mills, established by the Board of Finance's Adopted Fiscal Year 2019-2020 General Operating Budget. Without State Grants of $7,569,117, your mill rate would have been 39.83 mills. The 33.14 mills are equivalent to $33.14 in taxes per $1,000 of net assessed value. 

Failure to Receive a Bill - Waiver of Interest

Failure to have sent or received a bill does not exempt the taxpayer from payment of all taxes, interest charges and collection costs, as per Connecticut General State Statutes 12-130 and 12-146. Interest is charged on all late payments. There are no exceptions. You are responsible for obtaining your tax bill and paying it on time. There is not a charge for copies of tax bills.

Motor Vehicle Clearances

All motor vehicle taxes that are in your name must be paid in full with cash, bank check or money order in order to receive an immediate clearance with Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). All other methods of payment including payments made online will take 10 business days to process.


Cash payments: may be made in person at the Collector of Revenue’s Office.

Checks: should be made payable to Town of East Hampton; one check is acceptable for multiple bills. Please sign and date your check and ensure the amount is correct.

Debit, Credit Card or E-Check payments: may be made online through the Town's website. All online payments will incur a convenience fee which non-refundable as they are charged by our service provider. There is a 3% fee for using a credit card, a $3.95 fee for using a debit card and a $0.50 cent fee for making an ACH/E-Check payment. We do not have the capability to take credit or debit cards in the office or over the phone.





Staff Contacts

Name Title
Kristy Merrifield, CCMC Collector of Revenue
Jacqueline Langdon Assistant Collector of Revenue