Town Manager


The Town Manager is a professionally trained administrator hired by the Town Council to direct and coordinate the ongoing day-to-day functions and operations of the Town. The Town Manager performs assigned duties directly or through the supervision and direction of department heads and other trained staff.

The Town Manager is responsible for recommending to the Council and Board of Finance an annual budget, and for the subsequent administration of the adopted budget. The Town Manager is also responsible to the Council for implementation of their policies, procedures, programs, and other directives. The Town Manager also provides the Council, Board of Finance, and other agencies as necessary with reports, recommendations, and guidance on municipal administration.

The Town Manager maintains an immediate office staff of an Executive Assistant and a Human Resources Coordinator. The Town Manager can be reached at the Town Hall at (860) 267-4468. Appointments with the Town Manager may be made with the Executive Assistant at the telephone number listed above, or by email.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Cathy Sirois Executive Assistant
David E. Cox Town Manager