Military Discharges


In order to apply for a exemption on your taxes, you must file your original DD214 in the Town Clerk's Office. If you do not have the original DD214, but have filed it in another town, simply contact that town and obtain a certified copy of the DD214 and file it in this office.

If you have not filed your DD214 with another town and cannot locate your original DD214, you may obtain a certified copy of a DD214, the veteran, their spouse or the next of kin can complete a form on-line at the web address below. They may also complete Standard Form 180 and send the request to National Personnel Records in St. Louis. I have attached Standard Form 180. Click here to make a request.

You may contact the Assessor's office if you need additional information concerning exemptions and as to whether you are eligible based upon your years of service in the military. Their number is (860) 267-2510.