Land Records

Land Records Online

The Town Clerk's Office now offers access to its land records 24 hours a day. Please click here.

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Electronic Recording

The Town of East Hampton is accepting electronic recordings including deeds. Please click here to access the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services online portal when filing a deed to electronically file the required real estate conveyance forms.

The town has contracted with the following vendors for this service:
eRecording Partners - online portal
Corporation Service Company - online portal
Simplifile - online portal

The Town Clerk’s office records instruments for property located in East Hampton. The recording fees are as follows:

Land Records (Sec. 7-34a):

  • $60.00 for the first page 
  • $5.00 for each individual page 

Public Act 13-247:

Effective July 15, 2013 recording of documents by a nominee of a Mortgagee (MERS) as Grantor or Grantee (except Assignments and Releases of Mortgage where MERS is acting as Grantor):

  • $159.00 for the first page and $5.00 for each individual page

Effective July 15, 2013, recording of Releases of Mortgages and Assignments where (MERS) is acting Grantor:

  • $159.00 flat fee regardless of pages

Each transfer reportable to State


If current mailing address of grantee not given in any deed conveying title to real estate


If names of those executing, witnessing and acknowledging are not typed or printed under signature.


Sec. 7-34a(a) & 7-29(b)

  • Assignments: $2.00 fee for assignments subsequent to the first two. Multiple assignments are limited to twenty on a single document.

Conveyance Tax (Sec. 12-494):

State - Residential property & unimproved land

.0075 x consideration

Residential dwelling over $800,000

.0075 x $800,000 + .0125 x amount over $800,000

Non-residential except unimproved land

.0125 x consideration

Local - all categories

.0025 x consideration

Filing Fees (Sec. 7-34a):

Any document

$10.00 each                                                   

Any Map

$20.00 each

Maps of subdivisions of 3 or more parcels

$30.00 each

Copies, Certified Copies of Land Records, Maps (Sec 7-34a):

Copies of documents (in any format)

$1.00 each page

For use of battery-powered scanner

$20.00 each occasion

For certifying documents

$2.00 each

Copies of maps, surveys

Actual cost of reproduction

For certifying maps

$2.00 each

For documents transferring title with conveyance consideration, an additional $2.00 is required to cover processing the forms for the State of Connecticut Department of Revenue Services. Every document transferring title must be accompanied by a form OP-236. Click here for electronic Connecticut Department of Revenue Services forms. For more infornation, call the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services at 1800-382-8963 or 1-860-297-5962.

Recordings are accepted electronically, in person or via mail. Documents must have original signatures. 

Mail-a-map street maps of this town can viewed here.