Town Council Statement Against Racial Discrimination from the June 9 Town Council Meeting

As the country continues to react to the violent death of George Floyd and actions by the police officers involved in Minneapolis, we have seen residents in our area and across the state participate in and organize demonstrations against racism, intolerance, and misconduct by police.

We would like to add our voices by saying that racial discrimination and bias is abhorrent, contrary to the guiding principles of our nation, and have no place in East Hampton. We must call out intolerance and discrimination when it is exhibited whether by police departments, in schools, in the workplace, or other facets of daily life. Everyone who resides in East Hampton is entitled to the fullest protection of the law and benefit from our system of justice.  All should feel welcome and treated with respect as a part of our shared town. Racism against a member of our town undermines our strength as a community.

We are pleased with East Hampton Police Chief Woessner’s recent statement responding to the events in Minneapolis, which reiterated the commitment by members of the town police force to conduct themselves with honor and high ethical standards and look forward to the Town’s completion of its meaningful review of Police Policies.

We hope our town can come together to have honest conversations as we react to and self-reflect on recent events.

We ask anyone who intends to participate in demonstrations to please do so peacefully, wear a face mask, and practice social distancing when possible as the town continues their efforts to protect residents from COVID-19.


East Hampton Town Council

June 9, 2020