East Hampton Village Center Brownfields Initiative

The Town of East Hampton's Village Center Revitalization Initiative continues to advance as a direct result of the US EPA Brownfield Assessment Grant awarded to the Town in 2003. Grant implementation has been occurring and has concluded with a comprehensive Village Center Revitalization Assessment Summary Report.

May 2006: The Town of East Hampton received a $200,000 Brownfield Clean Up Grant Award.

The Economic Development Commission's Brownfield's Steering Committee has been working closely with environmental consultants, Tighe & Bond, hired by the Town to assist with implementing the grant. Using an inventory originally identified by the committee, the consulting team assembled a list of approximately 22 priority sites in the Village Center. Brownfields, by definition, are sites where real or perceived contamination complicates productive property resale, redevelopment and adaptive reuse. Sites listed in the inventory may not actually be contaminated, but perception could be hindering developer interest or the sites may just fall within an area that has had historic land uses associated with environmental contamination.

The Town held meetings with the public and with interested Village Center property owners to provide information about the grant. The consultants are currently conducting site specific analyses on Town owned properties and will conduct assessments on private property sites if owners agree to voluntarily participate. During the initial phase of work, all information on the sites is obtained from public sources giving comfort to Village Center property owners that are concerned with confidentiality. The studies are covered by the grant and the owners will receive a copy of the results. Activity related to this project is highlighted in the Town’s draft Plan of Conservation and Development.

The Town’s Brownfield’s consultants completed the Village Center Environmental Site Overview Report. For more information on this report, click on the Environmental Site Overview Report link below. A public meeting will be announced to report on the status of the grant and efforts already in progress toward obtaining clean up grant funding for the Town owned properties.

For any questions related to the Brownfields initiative, please contact Michael Maniscalco, Town Manager, at East Hampton Town Hall, 20 East High Street, East Hampton, CT 06424 or call 267-4468.