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Lake Pocotopaug Commission 2007 Survey Results Summary

Results of the survey sent to lake watershed residents by the Lake Pocotopaug Commission. 330 responses were received.

Lake Pocotopaug Commission By Laws, Adopted November 16, 2006, Amended December 21, 2006


4.19 An Ordinance Establishing the Lake Pocotopaug Commission


Record of the Blue Ribbon Panel (Lake Pocotopaug), Donald Markham, Council Chairman, February 8, 1996

Submitted to the Town Council. Panel was created to look at and recommend action upon all information and data gathered concerning studies and protection of the lake. Includes specific recommended actions.


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Lake Pocotopaug 2006 Stormwater and In-Lake Monitoring Results, ENSR International, May 2007

The 2006 stormwater sampling targeted the same areas as the 2005 sampling. These areas are upgradient of existing ENSR sampling locations as well as locations previously sampled by the Lake Study Group (LSG) in 1991-1992 and locations where little stormwater sampling has been conducted.

Summary of ENSR Report Findings and Recommendations, January, 18, 2007, Robert P. Hart, LPC Chairman

Slide presentation summary of ENSR International's Lake Pocotopaug lake and watershed studies from 2001 through 2005. Includes summary of prior data from 1991 to 2000. Can be used to quickly understand our lake and watershed problems and assess ENSR's recommendations for solutions.

Lake Pocotopaug Update, March 21, 2006, ENSR International

Copies of presentation slides shown at town council meeting describing 2005 storm water data and estimates of external nutrient loading to the lake.

Lake Pocotopaug 2004 Monitoring Results and Mangement Implications, ENSR Inernational, March 2005, Doc. No. 8734-756-002

Update using 2004 data.

Lake Pocotopaug 2003 In-Lake Water Sampling Results, ENSR International, March 2004, Doc. No. 8734-756-001

Analysis and discussion of 2003 data with comparisons to historical data.

Lake and Watershed Restoration and Protection, ENSR Slide Presentation, 2003


Lake Pocotopaug 2002 In-Lake Water Sampling and Algal Assay Results, ENSR International, March 2003, Doc. No. 8734-756-001

Update using 2002 data. Includes laboratory algal growth tests using Lake Pocotopaug water at various dilution's to determine nutrient reduction required to discourage growth.

Lake Pocotopaug Lake and Watershed Restoration Evaluation, ENSR International, May 2002, Doc. No. 08734-470

First and most thorough report by ENSR and Dr. Ken Wagner about our lake and its algae bloom problems. Includes extensive measurement data from 2001 and analyses. Incorporates findings from prior studies.

WMC Consulting Engineers

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Stormwater Renovation and Management Plan for the Lake Pocotopaug Watershed, Prepared for the Town of East Hampton, March 1995, WMC Consulting Engineers

Plan includes details for 1) modifications to P&Z, IWWC regulations, road standards, Plan of Development; 2) endorsement of prior study recommendations; 3) recommended improvements for 76 points surrounding the lake to reduce sediments, nutrients and pollution entering the lake from the watershed, total cost $3,122,000.

Ad Hoc Lake Advisory Committee

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Lake Pocotopaug Management Recommendations, East Hampton Ad Hoc Lake Advisory Committee, March 28,1995

Report of committee established in 1992 subsequent to a severe algae bloom during that summer. The committed was charged with developing recommendations toward the furtherance of a Watershed and Lake Management Plan.

Lake Advisory Committee Appendix March, 1995

Lake Advisory Committee Taxes and Water Quality 


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Protecting our Lakes and Rivers through Sustainable Landscaping, Roy F. Jeffrey

Describes site design, residential landscaping, lawn design and maintenance to minimize adverse impact to lakes, streams, rivers.


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"Lake Waramaug Task Force: 30 Years of Successful Lake Restoration", Tom McGowan, Chairman, Lake Waramaug Task Force

Presentation given at the March 15, 2007 LPC meeting describing how Lake Waramaug has been improved over a 20 year span.

Diagnostic & Management Assessment of Lake Pocotopaug 1993


Map Units of Highly Erodible Land 1986


Model Open Space Section of Municipal Subdivision Regulations


Environmental Review Team Report, Amston Lake, Hebron, CT June, 1985


Environmental Impact of Additional Residential Development on Amston Lake, Hebron, CT November, 1989


The Emerging Science of Circulation for Improving Freshwater Lakes and Ponds, Implications for Lake Pocotopaug, Connecticut, December 21, 2006, Bruce A. Richards, Ph.D., CLM, NE Regional Manager SolarBee Division of Pump Systems, Inc., Hockessin, DE

Presentation given to lake commission on December 21, 2006 on science of blue-green algae problem in Lake Pocotopaug. Includes description of how SolarBee circulation units can reduce the problem and improve lake water quality.