Colchester - East Hampton Joint Facilities-Cancelled


In 1978, an Inter-Municipal Agreement between the Towns of East Hampton and Colchester (commissioned in 1982 as Joint Facilities) allowed the Towns to enter into construction and operation of the Colchester-East Hampton Water Pollution Control Facilities located in East Hampton CT. The Joint Facilities is a six member board which meets seven times a year on the third Tuesday of the month at the Colchester-East Hampton Water Pollution Control Facility.

This wastewater treatment facility originally was intended for the public sewerage need of East Hampton and Colchester and was designed to process an average daily flow of 3.8 million gallons. Final design approval from the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection allowed for future expansion capabilities to 7.0 mgd in order to regionalize a six town planning area by including portions of the towns of East Haddam, Lebanon, Marlborough and Hebron.

Currently parts of four towns, East Hampton, Colchester, Hebron and Marlborough, are being provided wastewater services. In 2010 work was begun to provide wastewater services to the fifth town with the addition of the Amston Lake of Lebanon to the collection system.

The Joint Facilities is directly responsible for over 125 miles of collection system ranging from 8” to 36” in diameter pipe, over two dozen lift stations and over 150 grinder pumps. The annual average flow received at the plant is under 3.0 mgd.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Benjamin Gilmore Joint Facilities Superintendent (860) 267-4142
Linda Connors Administrative Assistant (860) 267-2536

Committee Members

Name Title
Mark Barmasse Member
Stephen Coyle Member
Robert Peter Member
Ron Silberman Member
John Suprono Member
Peter Villa Member