Open Space Requirements Summary

Subdivision Forms and Requirements

See Section VI of the Subdivision regulations for detailed description.


  • 1 acre per 5 lots and not less than 15% of the total area
  • archeological significance must be taken into consideration

Conditions for open space

  • shall have suitable access (minimum of 25 ft)not calculated as part of open space
  • subdivisions of 20 lots or more shall provide land for suitable recreation
  • see sec. VI.6 for:  ratio of wetland
    • allowed use
    • site improvements

Methods of Disposition

  • See Section VI.2 of the Subdivision Regulations

Legal Transfer

Easements/open space

  • All easements shall be recorded prior to road construction
  • All open space shall be recorded prior to or at the time of road approval
  • All easement/open space  boundaries shall be marked in the field prior to construction
  • All open space preserved by measurements or restrictions shall comply with  CGS Sec. 47-42(a) through Sec. 47-42(c)

Warrantee Deeds

  • shall be accompanied by a certificate of title                                                    
  • shall be held in escrow until accepted by the Town

Performance Bonding - for improvements

  • procedure and requirements as shown under bonding
  • improvements shall be completed prior to 50% of the lots in the subdivision