Town of East Hampton, CT
20 East High Street, East Hampton, CT 06424
Volunteers Needed

The Town of East Hampton is looking for volunteers to serve on various boards, commissions and agencies.  Volunteer involvement on boards, commissions and agencies is important to the vitality and success of local government.  All citizens should consider at some time in their lives, contributing to their community with their service and talent.  It takes more than living in a community to be part of it.  Your Town needs volunteers to carry out local decision-making and to promote a quality of life that is important to our Town’s future.  Please take time to submit your name as a possible volunteer on a local board, commission or agency.

The following groups currently have vacancies and are accepting applications:

Agriculture Commission, Arts & Cultural Commission, Clean Energy Task Force, Conservation-Lake Commission, CT River Assembly,  Design Review Board, Ethics Commission, Fire Commission, Housing Code Board of Appeals, Inland Wetlands Watercourses Agency, Library Advisory Board and Middle Haddam Historic District Commission.

Applications are available in the Town Manager's office at 20 East High Street or